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We feel that besides the business, we are here for the people that will benefit from the services both directly and indirectly, starting from our client and its personnel up to the services suppliers and the consumers.

Our professional knowledge and experiences in shipment, export, and packaging are our strength.

Our team is our most valuable asset. It consists of first-class professional managers with cumulative experience. We have a “One Team” attitude and approach to work, we engage equally and efficiently to deliver the best services to our clients.

Although we have a pragmatic drive for action, our approach is also friendly and down to earth, as we collaborate with both international organizations and the local communities to achieve our goals. We care about the relationships, we build with our clients and members of the community as much as we care about getting things done.


We offer LCL and FCL services from Port to Port. Our ocean freight shipment is secure and reliable. We work with all shipping lines including customer’s shipping agents.


Because our work is to produce in a clean, germ, and dirt-free environment, we bring the same passionate approach when it’s time to pack the product. Airtight packaging procedures are implemented, leaving no possibility for outside particles to be mixed in the product, thus ensuring delivery of the product in its healthiest and purified form. Our customized packaging for every product is based on our years of experience and customer’s requirements as well.

Packaged in wooden boxes of 8 and 10kg with all measures to prevent any quality issues in transit. Packaging of 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 4kg and 8 kg is available in printed corrugated cartons.


Our Inspection personnel works in different laboratories and research on various physical, chemical, and microbiological properties of raw materials. They also work in our processing area and collect a random sample for the performance evaluation process.

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