Chaunsa Mango

When it is soft, the fruit has a golden-yellow color, is almost fiberless, and has an aromatic, pleasant, sweet flavor. Commonly available varieties in Pakistan are greenish-yellow. The unique taste and richness in its flavor make it a worldwide favorite. Some consider it the best mango in terms of its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp, and high nutritional value. Chaunsas have higher vitamin C content than other mango cultivars.

The summer season in Pakistan means the season of mangoes. Pakistan is among the top 10 producers of mangoes globally Including Chaunsa Mango, and they are highly in demand due to their rich aroma, sweet taste, and juicy pulp.

Chaunsa is famous for its sweetness and rich pulp. 

It is originally from Multan and Rahim Yar Khan. Chaunsa season is from June till late September.

Qualities Of Chaunsa

Chaunsa has a golden-yellow color. In Pakistan, it is commonly available in greenish-yellow colors. It is almost fibreless and has a pleasant sweet taste.

It is soft from the outside and exceptionally juicy from the inside. When Chaunsa ripes, it becomes quite tender and soft. It gets a slightly deep pale yellow color, and you may also find slight wrinkling over it.

You can pick up the Chaunsa with a green tinge as it isn’t necessarily a sign of immature fruit.

You can fully enjoy Chaunsa in start of July or August.

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